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MY GOOD BOOK by Christine

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My Good Book, by Christine Scott

My Good Book is a compilation of the author’s experiences over more than ten years, commencing from the late 1980s when she first began to seek an understanding of a number of strange and perplexing events that she had been undergoing. Through her subsequent connection with several spiritual teachers, she gradually gained insights into the nature of a spiritual journey that she had unknowingly been engaged in since the time of her birth in this lifetime.

Anecdotal stories, and the wisdom imparted by various teachers in regard to her experiences, are the means by which Christine conveys spiritual wisdom on a wide range of subjects. Topics covered include spirituality and the spiritual journey, guardian angels, spirit guides, meditation, spiritual healing, channelling, psychic skills and more. In addition, there are a number of self-development exercises including tips for meditating, building self-awareness and tuning into our own inner guidance. 

My Good Book is interesting and easy to read, and would be of value to someone who is in the early stages of their own spiritual journey and looking for a clear and comprehensible overview of what spirituality entails. Anyone who is having their own ‘weird experiences’ and is seeking some understanding, or who is just asking the question, “Is there more to life than this?” might also find this book a useful place to begin.

Currently, My Good Book is available from the author and can be obtained by emailing editor1111@bigpond.com or by calling (07) 40575471.

Reviewed by Annabel Muis


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